Can you suggest any type of eye glasses?

I need a Very far-reaching frame, and would compliment my hazel eyes and masculine

capably as for the first answer unless they are an foreign optician or one that works at a discontinued frame shop you cannot get giorgio armani surrounded by the states anymore because they lost their liscence to sell here. some thoroughly popular men's frames are Marchon Flexon which bend and twist and come contained by wide styles, also Michael Kors and even Wrangler frames come impressively wide but i would try the Flexon. Oakleys can be perscription but they enjoy to be sent to an Oakley lab and are not reasonably priced
I would travel to your eye doc and try on the frames they have near. Ask the optician to help you. For men, Claibornes are unbelievably popular where I work. And Giorgio Armani. Most frames come surrounded by several different sizes too, so ask the optician to check for you.
for a wide frontage, sometimes Oakleys work well. I know they are markedly popular with men as in good health.

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