About contacts?!!!?

hi inhabitants thanx 4 reading .... i need relief ..... what kind of damages can contacts do to your eyes ?? im thinking of getting contacts but my mom said that they could pop your eye so i obligation help ..... and onother interview how much would color contacts cost if they are prescribed if i get them from americas best contacts and eyeglasses!!! please backing im 13 if u wanna know

Where is your mom from? Of course they won't pop your eyes. I've been wearing contacts for 20 years and they hold never popped my eyes. You need to step to an eye doctor and they can give you adjectives the information you need and offer you prices on different contacts. The doctor can talk to your mom too. If you want to look at prices yourself consequently go to 1800contacts.com
Contacts don't lay waste to your eyes unless you abuse them (don't pinch them out when you are supposed to, use water instead of saline solution, etc.).

The cost depends on your eye exam and what you have need of.
acuvue (or however you spell it) has worked on alot of population. But I wouldn't know, I use something else. The only piece I know that has happen to more than one person is it can gash your cornea and that's why it's good to hold a pair of goggles just within case, because you won't be capable of wear contacts for about a week if this happen. I think the merely way you carry it is, if you sleep in the contacts. which is WAYY fruitless, even if it occasionally happens, which is alot of people's cases.

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