Colored contact lenses?

Are they individual for colour, or do they actually agree to you see better as well?
Also, wouldn't family think it's any fake or impressively weird that your eye color changed?
And when you put them surrounded by, how do they stay in one place? what if they slide a bit and your intuitive eye color is shown?

Lol, thanks!

You can gain colors that are prescription. If you have darkened eyes they will likely look bogus; not to mention, when they do slide around they will slightly impair your vision. That is one of the disadvantages of wearing colors when you own dark eyes. Now if you hold light eyes the colors look more fluent.even when they shift around. As for your question around whether others will think it is grotesque that your eyes change color...I don`t know. Maybe they will just suppose it is natural or they will imagine it is cool. Kind of depends on the person. Good luck.
My eyes are a raw hazel and my contacts are tinted a light blue-so if I drop them I can find it. It really single changes my eyes a slight bit.
They do minister to you see better and are colored but im pretty sure they blend into your eyecolor looking like its changed. Normely,Contacts dont slide around. Only when you blink but not a soul can see that.

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