Are contacts okay for your eyes?

About how much would they cost?
Are they approaching disposable, or do you keep equal one for as long as you need them?
How habitually can you wear them?
and for what period of time can they stay surrounded by your eyes?

Thanks so much =D

~20 for 3 pair (which'll ending you a month each pair)
Contacts usually concluding a month, after that they get gritty. I've never certainly experienced the grittiness, I throw mine out at 3 weeks.
As often as you want.
I enjoy contacts and I love them. It depends on what kind you procure for the cost. Yea they are disposable and again you can get the species that lasts in the future then you throw them out , but i enjoy the kind that have a two week lifespan, so i throw them out for a new double act after two weeks. I wear them everyday from about 7 am to 10 pm. I hope I answered your question.

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