Can you convert a contact lens prescription to any eyeglass prescription?

I know you cant do the reverse, however, my most recent eye exam be for contacts and they only wrote the contact prescription on the slip I own, so I was wondering if I can find my eyeglass prescription from it so I can order specs online. Does anyone know if you can do this?

Not sure about the online portion, but the prescription should be for the same strength. The lone difference is when they fit you for contacts they also have to fit your eye for them.
I would consult your doctor, but I am sure that your prescription for the contacts is equal to that of your goggles since it is the same strength.
I don't devise they are the same. But contact your Dr.'s department. They will give you the prescription that you have need of.
There is no way to do what you are asking. If you own a prescription for contacts, though, you have to own one for glasses on transcript at the office. You want to call them and procure a copy of it.
Go back to your doctor and ask them to write up a prescription for specs.

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