Am I becoming more lazy eyed? Is it possible?

Okay, so my right lens has other sort of been sluggish, but it's not like straight out languorous; it's only when I look at something a consistent way.

Today I've be feeling that it pretty much looks more indolent, like when looking at myself directly at the mirror.
I am concerned, because I don't want it to stay this means of access.

Am I just thinking in the region of it too much?
Do I need eye drops?

My daydream is not perfect and I sometimes use eyeglasses. Is it time to only just wear them mostly everyday?

Eat your carrots! I presume you're just thinking almost it too much. Wait out a month then really check and see if you see any difference.
This happen to me too. i would also like to know if it can be help
Hi. I have good-for-nothing eye, too. It can get worse or augment, depending upon if the eye muscle is getting used. There are vision modification books out there near eye exercises one can do to help add to this condition. Also, wearing contact lenses strengthens this muscle. When I tried this, my eye "woke up" and my vision be amazing.

You may want to schedule an eye exam and consult with an ophthalmologist going on for this.

Best wishes.
you need to enjoy an eye exam with a pediatric involve a cycloplegic refraction done first...then, they'll do a cover audition to see how your eyes align in free space at distance and may need goggles or vision analysis...i'm a pediatric optometrist by the way
Go to a eye doctor

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