Bad Vision?

My contact lens prescription is: D -1.75 on gone eye and -1.25 on right eye. BC 8.7 and DIA 14.0. Can someone tell if my nightmare is really bad or is it nought to worry almost?

Na, your vision is pretty suitable comparatively. That is my prescript (similar) and I can still go give or take a few w/o my glasses if I want. My sight is just fruitless enough to brand me uncomfortable driving w/o correction. Heck, my eyes w/o correction is better than closely of people I know WITH their specs.

It's not extremly bad. You hold a minor case of myopia from the diopters you provide. Yes, it might cloud you perception so that you can only see 20/100-20/200, but it is still solely a minor case of myopia.

I am not sure what the BC and the DIA stand for, though.
Whats the difference between your degree in unharmed numbers like 100 degree and those degrees surrounded by decimals and negative and positive? -Confused-
Its not fruitless.
But its not perfect...
Its not 20/20 so to see without blemish you should wear glasses
My prescription is +10 so dont verbs dude!
Surely you can tell if your illusion is bad.. you wouldnt know how to see wihout glasses!

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