Another docotor's visit for colored contacts?

I have be going to my eye doctor for a few years now. One time when I go a few years ago I got cosmetic colored contacts. At the time, my delusion was best. Since then I in a minute wear prescription clear contacts just for phantasm. I decided I required to order a box of prescription colored lenses because I similar to how they look. However, when I called to place an writ for them like I customarily do for my regular contacts, I kept getting the runaround about how I have to have the docotor approve of them even though I already own a prescription! Im wondering if maybe they didnt think through that I already had be measured and had a prescription on database? They said colored lenses are very different but I have worn them before and I see no difference. Why would I have need of to see the docotor for colored lenses?

Just go to your doc and ask for colored contacts. If your prescription is up to date you should hold no problem.
You have to catch a new Rx for every type of lens you use, colored or not. If you've used them contained by the past, and your doctor say they are still okay, then phone call the office and enjoy them fax a new Rx to everywhere you buy them from. It's the law, a contact lens vendor can't sell you anything short a specific (non-expired) Rx from a licensed doctor.
You need to be checked. To label sure your eyes can wear them, refit, whatever else they do.
Think of contact lenses as a drug prescription, your MD doesnt of late write you a prescription for whatever of late because you say you want it or hold it. Contact lenses are medical devices regulated by the FDA and you need a prescription for them.
Just do it, they are not ripping you rotten.

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