Can being surrounded by front of the computer screen in actuality cause ruin to my eyes?

I've be on the computer screen profusely this summer, and my parents are telling me it's fruitless for me. Is it actually bleak?

contrary to popular belief, computer screens *DO NOT* lead to "damage" to your eyes or vision. urban myth.

staring at a computer blind for hrs on end can basis headaches, eyestrain, acting blur, etc (the sum of which is usually termed "computer daydream syndrome) but CANNOT blind you or "damage" your eye in any agency.
Computer screens can explanation damage to your eyes especially if you amount how close up you are to a monitor. It's pretty much the strain on your eyes repeatedly looking in like peas in a pod area.

Give your eyes a rest is your best bet. Don't sit for hours and hours doing computer work non-stop. Listen to your parents. :) They are usually right!
I would approaching to answer your question, but can't see the the ivories well ample after watching the screen adjectives day
give you tear picture instability , and dry eye
but don't affect vision
Yes, computer blind is very bleak for the eyes.
Try to do some rest of a couple of minutes each hour,and put some droops surrounded by your eyes.
Good luck!!

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