Can I get laser eye surgery surrounded by one eye?

Hi. My reverie in one eye is well brought-up. Like 20/30 i think. But my other eye is doomed to failure. I have to draw from different contacts for each eye, and my eye eyeglasses are different of each side. I want laser eye surgery. But I merely want it for my bad eye. Mainly to amass money, and the other reason is because I don't surface that I need it for the other eye.

What do you suppose. Is this possible, can it be done?

Yes, of course. In reality, it will be a lot cheaper that opening. Don't let a doctor try to pursue you that you should do it for both eyes--they are probably just trying to profit if they ask you that.
It can be done.
It is possible and it be the way empire had the surgery for years.
Yes. They charge per eye. If you income for only one eye, thats
adjectives you'll get. Lasik consultations are required to be free. Go
find out what they can do. You'd be happier near the results
if your dominant eye has better acuity.
My uncle get the surgery years ago when it was still not so popular, he get one eye done, and still wore his glasses have a plain lens and then the prescription. Years following he got the second one done. It is definately possible.
yes , but not sure , you must enlighten me you prescription to give you a solid evaluation
I want lasik surgery. I live in NJ but stipulation a partner so we can get the discount buy one achieve one. We each compensate half of 5,500.

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