Can eyedrops (clear eyes, vizine, roto v, etc..) damage your eyes over longterm use?

I use redness relieving eye drops almost every year, or every other day at lowest. If I continue this, will my eyes ever become worn out or anything of that sort?

YES it'll cause "echo hyperemia" and corneal endothelial stem cell dysfunction.

YES YES YES YES YES. long term use of ophthalmic vasoconstrictors *definitely does* make happen permanent corneal lay waste to. i have witnessed this myself countless times.
Well i deem the eye drops are supposed to supplement your eyes. So yea i think so.
I believe that every droops that suggest whip the red out of the eye,as Visine, is bad for the eyes. Don't ask me why but someone told me that Visine get corticoids, that,of course are awful for the eyes at long residence.
I suggest the most natural course of hydrating your eyes that is near saline solution, the same solution ofyour intuitive tears, wash your eyes beside those cups that came surrounded by a normal eye purify put the saline solution in near an wash your eyes .
It's enormously refreshing.
Anyway i think every droop can be honest ,but no Visine.
Good luck!!

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