Can you lose your vision if you depart your contacts in too long?

I am worried sick about my 19 year hoary son, he informed me today he is going to see a eye specializist tomorrow because he left his contacts within for 5 months straight! I still cannot believe he did that but I am more worried about him losing his verbs. Do you know of anyone who has have contacts grow into their eyes and what did the doctor do to remedy this?

I used to work for an optometrist. This was adjectives among teens. Often, it causes a calcium build-up on the cornea but he'll be fine if that's adjectives there is. We have patients wear their CL's for 10 months and come in beside infections. CL's are not meant to be worn longer than prescribed because of so frequent different reasons but if you can't see any glow or growths with your own in the buff eye, he's likely okay.
I'd be worried, too
does he own an infection, though... his eye turned itchy and red? if yes... be very worried!
no you wont exactly. but 5 months is mode too long! see what comes out of visit near the eye specialist. never allow him to do that again!
Mine normally spill out out over night if I return with too lazy to bear them out. How lazy/crazy do you have to be to do that?

I hope he's ok. That's never happen to me.
I wouldn't think you could move about blind, unless they were severely infected. But I would consider they would be irritated.
OMG i'm going to take mine out right immediately! i've had mine contained by for 2 months straight
hell yea. corneal ulcers , infection later loss of vision .
Could he still see when he told you this?

I don't deem it will grow into the eye but it has a flawless chance of cause infection.
I know that leaving them within too long can cause germs growth and that can lead to reverie loss as well as other diseases and infections. But wow, 5 months? I've departed my contacts in over 24 hours because I be awake for that long and they lost all moisture and popped out themselves. i can't visualize how irritated his eyes are!
They CAN get stuck, and own to be taken off next to care again. My uncle have kept his contacts in too long, and when trying to remove them, I believe he scratched his cornea. It's critical that you take them stale before sleep. I know for a reality if I fall asleep beside them on, and try to remove them, they feel stuck nearby. Also my vision big-hearted of blurs for a bit.
leaving the contacts contained by is a problem having them surrounded by for long periods of time can allow the surface of the eye to truly grow over the contact lense. if this happens and afterwards you try to remove them they can damage your cornia causinf illusion problems
Yes you can lose your sight because the contact sticks to your eyes. My dad once disappeared on his contacts overnight couldn't see the next daytime. Your son could get a scarce eye fungus as well which can motivation blindness. Ouch
ever hear about da stories on how da contacts win stuck in da fund of ur eyes...dats da reason why i dont use contacts...da other justification...i'm blind...and tacky...mostly blind...
Many contact lenses are designed for extended wear.
They are different, contained by that they allow more oxygen to get through...the eye desires oxygen. Without it, the tissue becomes sore, bloodshot, etc.
If your sons eyes be not bloodshot and sore looking, don't worry nearly it. He is probably getting enough oxygen.
The knob with contacts is to hold on to them moist. Wet them down. Steamy showers in the morning are obedient for that.
If he honestly kept the contacts in for 5 months straight to be exact crazy! I have never agreed anyone to do that for so long, especially with showering, swimming, etc.

My sons eye doctor told me that near the disposable contacts that my son gets that at 13 years of age he should with the sole purpose wear that pair for 2 or 3 weeks TOPS! Something roughly speaking robbing your eyes of oxygen and the protein build-up that can form on the coloring of your eye, causing through problems on down the line. (He said it doesn't issue if you soak your contacts overnight or not, the protein will still build-up over time.)

Good luck to your son dear!
contacts can trap germs under them right onto the surface of the eye ans motivation an infection, they can also scratch the eye disappointingly
yes you can do serious damange to your eyes so bad it could wreak vision loss or the loss of one able to use your contacts. dont be suprised when he tell you something very discouraging happened to his eyes. i go to the eye doctor 2 days ago and he literally flipped out on me because ive been wearing day by day contacts to bed and have be keeping them in longer than sometime because mine are dailies. he said im so lucky no damange was done. some populace have damange be they are tooken off contacts and some race arent able to change direction use them again. this really open my eyes and immediately i take them out everynight. your son requests to take more responsiblitily this is a vastly serious matter. i didnt believe it be but it really is !
dang,5 months ? ?
It's VERY possible the has dilapidated his vision already !
Yes. Have a look at this Australian boxer experience near lens, he now I don`t know not be able to boxing anymore.
I enjoy been using contact lens since 1979, I've see the development of cleaning products and accoutrements, types of lens etc.
I find that the non disposable lens and non permanent are better, because it don't allow for forgetting on your eyes. Starts to become discomfited and you got to thieve it out. Therefore making the risk of infections lower.
I am now on the process to revert to my lifelong non disposable again, since I have be, like your son, overusing and find that my eyes hold suffered.
All the best for your son.

Here's the article:
Aussie Boxing Champion Hospitalized Due To Eye Infection; Doubts About Career Prospects

August 7, 2007 9:23 a.m. EST

Sydney, Australia (AHN) - Australian boxing champion Anthony Mundine fears his art may be in jeopardy after he be hospitalized with a serious eye infection.

The World Boxing Association super middleweight title holder picked up the infection in New Zealand after cleaning a contact lens next to his mouth. A former top rugby league player, Mundine admitted he be contemplating life in need boxing.

He told ABC Channel Nine, "Yeah, not just boxing but any sport really, sport's a big member of my life (but) I'm of late happy I've still get my life." Mundine's commissioner Khoder Nasser said the 32-year-old would remain in a Sydney hospital for at tiniest seven to 10 days before doctors could build a final decision just about Mundine's future. Nasser also confirmed reports of Mundine have no vision within his infected eye at present.

The boxer's eye specialist John Males was not cheerful about his repossession prospects.

Males told Channel Nine, "It is unlikely that he will regain full vision contained by this eye. We're doing our best at this stage to treat it and minimize the effects of this condition on his eye."

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