Can you cry through your ears?

no but if you enjoy liquid coming from your ears you involve to see a doctor as this could indicate an ear infection or rupture.
Not usually. Tears come from the tear ducts which are surrounded by the eyes and the only hiatus in the cranium astern eye sockets is where the optic courage goes through and any "leakage" would be into the brain cavity and not into the ears.

There is a alleyway (the Eustachian Tube) that passes from at the rear each ear drum into the nasal alleyway which is used to maintain a symmetry of pressure in the ear (as when landing or taking stale in a plane). This runs downwards so fluids should not be in motion up it.

When you have a cold this can carry infected and that may be where the fluids are coming from - embezzle the previous advice and see a doctor.
no you cry through your eyes
No but some associates manage to consult through their rears!

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