Are RGP contacts a Good Idea?

Btw I own myopia. All the research I've done online makes them nouns awesome but I wanna hear from people who if truth be told wear them?? Thanks!

I have worn them past. I found them very effortless to care for and assured to remove. They can last a long time, if you nurture for them properly, and so can be very cost significant. If they are fit properly, they are quite comfortable.

I enjoy also seen populace who simply cannot tolerate the way that they have a feeling in their eye. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are great lenses, but you will have to try them on to see how they surface and if they are right for you.

Good Luck!
The only personage who can decide if RGP or soft lenses are better for you is your optometrist. For some, RGP lenses aren't a worthy idea because of other eye factor (cornea shape, disease, etc.). Your doctor should be able to communicate you if you are a candidate, and be sure to communicate that you are interested contained by those first. Be mindful though that they tend to be expensive and are more delicate than soft lenses.
From experiences beside my former patients, the ones who wear RGPs LOVE them. They take some time to grasp used to, they are very small! Soft contacts cover your intact iris (the colored part of your eye) and RGPs with the sole purpose cover the spot in the middle. Because of the means of access RGPs are calculated and made, the vision produced is usually enormously good.
There is a term at first where they are severely uncomfortable, after you wear them for a while you take "calouses" on your eye, and you don't have a problem next to them being humiliated.
I hope you get the info you want! Good luck!
I've been wearing RGPs for give or take a few 2 years now and I enjoy severe myopia and they work very powerfully. At first, they can be difficult to adjust to and that's normal. Your eye isn't used to have hard materials within your eye naturally but eventually you can wear them comfortably and you can't even touch them! But RGPs are better for you if you wear a deeper prescription. Plus, you order one duo now and they'll closing you a lot longer than disposable soft lenses. You could travel for over a year wearing the same duet if you take devout care of them. I hope this help!

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