Average cost of eyeglass lenses?

I know that eyeglass frames can change a great deal contained by price based on fabric, designer label, etc. But what is the average cost (or an average cost range) for prescription lenses? The plastic kindly that go surrounded by your glasses, NOT contact lenses.

resourcefully the lenses for eyeglasses can range relatively a bit in price...
Regular CR-39 plastic lenses beside a scratch coat cost almost $80, Polycarbonate lenses (thinner and more impact resistant) are about $140 beside a scratch coat. If you own a stronger prescription and require high index lenses be prepared to take-home pay $140+. If you want an antireflection coating on your lenses it will be around $60 more on your lens prices.

If you require bifocal/multifocal lenses they start around $200 and go up from in that.
So depending on the material, type and coatings you desire for your lenses be prepared to spend $80 to $160 on single hallucination lenses.
These prices do vary depending on location!!
Eyes masters core lenses are 114.30

The ones where they wont scrape are 130.00

And the ones where you bring everything scratch proof gear ext is 160.00

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