Colored contact lenses!?

hey guys i want sum colored contact lenses but my eye verbs is fine.i asked my friend and she said you can get them from anywhere if your eye verbs is good.i jus want them to transmute the color of my eye thats this not detrimental or do i need to walk and see the opticians. the trouble with specifically i can only put lenses contained by when im by myself i cant even touch my eye ball lol i enjoy to take a long time and i hear they wont give them to you unless you can do it?. can i enlighten them that i can only do it if its surrounded by my own time??

go do it , it's cooooool
no, u unambiguously need to walk see an optician, or else run see a doctor who can recommend good and locked brands...
It doesnt matter if your eyesight are 20/20 or not...some ancestors do that for fashion is safe as long as you knob them with your short fingernails and verbs hand...

as for prescription point..."Yes, under the ruling you need a prescription. This is true even if your lenses don't hold any vision correction within them (called "plano" lenses) and are used solely for cosmetic purposes. For a two-and-a-half-year period the governing body classified plano decorative contact lenses as cosmetic devices fairly than medical devices. But in November 2005 that adjectives changed."
Yes you need to own a contact exam so they can measure your eyes and procure the correct size. Tell the optician your problem with an audience and they should know how to put you in a room by yourself.

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