Can I still become a plastic surgeon if i undergo lasik eye surgery?

I am in doubt because the FDA say that some jobs prohibit clear in your mind refractive procedures.

My prescription is -1 on the left and -.75 on the right.

Yep. Heck, you can even own a hair weave and a poor vogue sense. Look at Dr. 90210's Dr. Ray.
I'm surprised you can get Lasik beside eyesight that good. I own -4 and -4.5. Are you not wanting contact lenses? You could always dance with the implant, which are like contacts, with the sole purpose surgically implanted and the surgery is reversible while Lasik is not.

Why don't you contact a college of plastic surgery in your nouns? Either that, or call your local hospital, which should hold a list of certificate and things they can turn you down for if you want to work in that hospital.
you might want to rethink this somewhat.

Plastic surgery, the specialty is 'very' tough.

First, go to elevated school and acquire top grades, in everything. You can do it if you want to, basically have to want to. A nice mode is to get a study buddy who competes near you to get the superior grade. That purely makes one study really rock-hard.

Do that and you'll do well on the SAT.

Go to a 'strong' college, chief in something besides science (because you are going to be doing science for the rest of your natural life!) and take the premed stuff along beside your major. You just need to return with A's in those courses that you hold for credit (ALL OF THEM). Have you any idea the number of 4.0 students applying to med institution? LOTS of them. Vet school is even worse.

Then you shift to med school, which is, .....very well, ...time consuming. And you have to do pretty capably and pass your boards.

Then you do an internship which I'd recommend you be paid a rotating one so you are exposed to most of medicine. A little pediatrics,. (Once you are adjectives specialized people contained by the family are still going to phone you and ask about this dull pain or that leak or this infection or the morning after pill or...). 'then you do a surgical residency. That's sort of a busy time for those first few years. Then you do the plastic's fellowship.

There are different types of plastic surgery. Think ..fixing burns. Repairing a burned facade or chest or leg or ?. Reconstructing a limb beside the orthopedic doctor, reconstructing a breast out of abdominal tissues, reconstruct a pelvic floor after a motorcycle accident...

Or you could do the finer facial plastic stuff and use botox, and collagen injections for a sweeter goodnight kiss...

But by the time you attain out of med school and the internship, your together way of thinking will own changed. You won't look at medicine resembling you do now, not at ALL! plastics may become such a stretch for you because you similar to cardiac surgery better or orthopedics or helping mothers have a typical, safe distribution...some of those things will come into play once you start working in those field.

The decision is whether or not to move about into medicine. The rest of the stuff comes then. And you can have any out-of-date refractive error you want, as long as you can see well WITH your specs.
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