Can you swim in the tarn if you have contacts contained by your eyes?

As long as your herald doesn't go lower than water or not at adjectives?

Swimming while wearing contact lenses could cause them to acquire flushed out of your eyes and you could loose them.
Also it is best if you avoid swimming with your contact lenses to avoid contamination. If your contact lenses carry wet after there is a possibly for bacteria/microorganisms to attach to your lenses and this could create an eye infection. An amoeba found in river (acanthamoeba) can cause a heartless eye infection that is tough to treat, so I think it is best to avoid risk of contaminating your lenses. Unless you hold very poor hallucination without wearing your contact lenses, I instinctively think it is not worth the risk to wear your contact lenses within the water. For swimming you could try any wear a daily disposable and after using them you can in recent times throw them away. You could also try wearing goggles over your lenses or even prescription goggles.
If you must wear them in the river then it is drastically important to try to hang on to them from getting wet and that you verbs and disinfect them properly before wearing them again.

I deem its always better to be on the risk-free side when it comes to your eyes and take the appropriate precautions to prevent infection, impair...

Hope this helps :)
its in recent times like swimming within a pool
yea as long as it doesnt go underwater
and wear goggles if you do
and why wud u wanna swim contained by the lake where on earth fishes and stuff wee and poo and stuff?.. lol
anyway have fun!!
Sure you can swim surrounded by a lake beside contacts. Or an ocean, or a river, or doesn`t matter what. You can go lower than water, but freshly don't open your eyes while you're lower than water! If you want to initiate your eyes underwater, get goggles or a curtain. Have fun!
yes, you can even put your head beneath water, as long as you dont start your eyes under marine. I went to the coast a couple days ago with mine within and i went lower than with ALL the sand and brackish but i didn't open my eyes. it be fine. You can even wear goggles. If you go lower than water basically keep your eyes closed consequently take your fingers and rub them a bit to get hold of the water stale then you can unfold them. If you do get sea in your eyes it wont hurt it will lately mess up the position of your contact.
I wear contacts and swim all the time, but sometimes you own to be careful if you progress under hose down and when you come back up your contacts can dive out, it has happen to me before, of late wera goggles if you go below water or dont run under dampen at all.
I do it adjectives the time. I have! However lost a one or two due to the certainty I automatically open my eyes beneath water. So only be-careful with that.
I own worn contacts for a number of years. It matter how much water get into your eyes. A splash will probably do little, or just move it a bit. Copious amounts will flush it out. Simply, do doesn`t matter what you want, just don't carry water within your eyes.
yes, you can. :]
you could even put you head underwater, according to my eye doctor, a short time ago dont like swim a together lot with your eys clear, its alright if they open a few times though.
you can clearly do it, although it may not be the best idea, but I do it adjectives the time.

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