Anyone here have Laser Eye Surgery??

I am 16 years old am own bad eye verbs, which got worse after i only just found out after getting me eyes checked(ive to wear glasses adjectives of the time). I am thinking about getting laser eye surgery when im 18 or elder but am not sure after reading alot of stories about those getting it done and their eyes getting worse.

My questions are;

When within surgery are you awake? does it hurt?

after surgery what is your eyesight like?

did you own any side effects?

Also how do i find a reputable eye surgeon? i live in Ireland

1. You're awake for the entire procedure. They do grant you a valium beforehand to help silence your nerves. No, the surgery doesn't hurt. Your eye is numbed beforehand. However, you will feel pressure when they place suction on your eye. The in one piece thing take probably about 30 minutes.

2. After surgery, your eyesight will probably be blurry and you'll requirement to go straight home and sleep (to make available your eyes time to repair from the surgery). The next daylight you eyesight should be a lot better and you shouldn't want glasses or contacts. You'll return to the doc for a check up to net sure the surgery went economically. You'll need to sleep contained by special goggles they give you to prevent you from touching your eyes accidently while you sleep (for 2 weeks) and you also own special eye drops you have to use for in the order of 2 weeks as well.

3. The individual side effects I had be the fact that my eyes get extremely dry after the surgery and I had to own tear duct plugs put contained by my right eye to keep moisture contained by.

Other than that, I had no complications and presently I have 20/15 perception. Hooray!

Since you live in Ireland, I would merely probably do a lot of research online to find a reputable doc. I would probably consult contained by person next to a lot of docs, pop in their offices, staff, etc. since I settled on one.
hello,,all your worries dont exist,its totally painless,u wont touch a thing,u r locally anesthesized,.,merely see a red light and surrounded by seconds its over,,,obviously 21 is better than 18 ,,becoz of error refractions related growth changes,,post laser,,u necessitate sunglasses ,,eyedrops,,some stinging and blurring for few days ,within 5-10 days u will see as devout as glasses and even better ,,dont verbs at all ,complications r totally low,,,also u will have ey drops post laser to give support to deal the torment and provide clear vision and prevent any possible oedema or infection ,,best luck ,its one of the safest eye procedures done,,,really simple.,..
Yes, when they are performing the surgery, you will be awake, but it will not hurt, you will just perceive some pressure on your eye when they take the flap sour your cornea. It doesn't hurt because they put anesthetic drops into your eye a couple minutes before the surgery. It depends where on earth you go, and what doctor you draw from, the time on each eye ranges going on for 3-10 minutes.

After the surgery, you will be able to see clear, but your eyes will consistency like you get some sand in them, or an eyelash, but you will without beating about the bush see the difference.

You shouldn't have any side effects, if the surgery be performed correctly, you will of late go home, and they will make clear to you to sleep for a few hours, with goggles they pass, to keep your eyes moist.

I'm not sure just about the last interview.. sorry. =/

But I'm not sure if you looked it up on youtube.. but you can watch surgeries be done. Here are some:

Good luck.
Laser eye surgery is thoroughly safe these days. My cousin got her dental implant and Lasik surgery in India by a company call Indian Health Guru Consultants. The Price for dental and Lasik surgery is very smaller amount in India. She remunerated 25% of the price she was quoted surrounded by America.

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They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery in a foreign country for low cost, as dental and eye surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos paste of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I instinctively believe that surgery can be easily handle in India, as the feature of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and services are 5 star.
Hope this helps.

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