? about my eye?

So yesterday my eye hurt and i looked at it and nothing be wrong so i didnt think anything in the region of it. well today i be talking to my mom and she said whats wrong beside you eye and i was similar to what do you mean and she said its adjectives red i looked in a mirror and i know its not pink eye when i verbs the bottom part of my eye down similar to right under my pupil it is adjectives red like blood and it have like this whitish stripe thing surrounded by it i need to know if anyone know what this could be

I wouldn't worry. It sounds close to a minor irration to me. Try some eye drops like 'PURE' Eye Drops. They retail at $9.90 and relieve reddishness and minor irritaions. If they don't help see your doctor as it my be an eye infection. Hope it feel better soon =D
just irritation..try visine and if it doesn't lend a hand after a day see the doctor
It sounds close to you may have ruptured the blood vessel in your eye. Now, you necessitate to know how that happened and why. Best entry for you to do is go see the doctor and find these questions answered lest you lose the site surrounded by that eye.
It could be a sty. I've had those from time to time and your eye simply gets really puffy.

It'll eventually walk away after a while but there's some over the counter medication you can purchase.
that's happened to me you most promising have lately struct a vessel like me
be you throwing up the other day? its could be from straining. you probably newly broke a vein within your eye. the same entry happened to me, i be throwing up and the next hours of daylight my eyes had blood within them. it will go away within a month or less.
It might be what they ring a sty. There are 2 ways of treating it. One is to use a wet hot cloth on it to bring the rest of it out. Or you could progress to a doctor and get a prescription for an antibiotic eye emulsion, because you may have an infection within it.

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