Any places that sell the suction things for complex contact lenses?

I only lost the little suction cup for my hard contact lenses, and I'm wondering if I can buy another one of these things? Do they go them at the local Walgreen's or anything? Or is it only at the eye doctor?

I believe I saw them at a Rite-Aid pharmacy once, but I usually just capture them from the Dr.

Mine just go into the corner of my eye tonight after I rubbed it, and I didn't have a moment or two suction thing. That's so annoying and it hurts for a while, and it gets so frustrating when you can't get hold of it out. I hate that!!
guess what rare talent?

If you had typed that examine into a bloody search engine, you would enjoy found out the answer is YES yourself.

Yes yes yes. You can buy them MANY places.
Even if you find any shops near you that deal in them you can get them stale the net, enjoy them delivered by the subsequent day.
As near anything.

The search engine is your friend.

If writing switch words are too complicated for you, you can even try the site ask Jeeves where you put your enquiry in a put somebody through the mill form.

Now I suggest you delete this question
bubbles is have a bad daylight, apparently. actually they are kinda tough to find on the 'net sometimes b/c very few general public know the NAME of that product. its called a "DMV ULTRA":

i'm sure at hand are more places on the net where on earth they are sold...

hope that helps some...

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