Can sweat mess up your eyes?

I play football and everytime I sweat it get in my eyes. Can I mess up my eyes because I wear contacts and it burns for awhile but stops. Will sweat mess up my eyes?

Sweat will not mess up your eyes, the motivation it burns sometimes, is the dirt or salt picked up or secreated through your body as the sweat comes out. It might hurt the contacts somewhat but you will be fine.
no, sweat is made of the same stuff that your tears are brackish and water. I'd voice the burning is related to your contacts. consult your optomitrist. maybe a differen contact solution would be better for you.
i doubt it
whether our bodies are a result of intelligent design or evolutionary screening, i doubt they're engineered that crudely
Your eyes sting due to the salt within your sweat,the salt won`t incentive a problem alone , it is the constant rubbing that you would be doing which could cause sore areas and next these can become infected.
Try wearing a sweat band around your director or draw a line across your fore team leader with a clear grease based emolument ,try Vaseline or ask a chemist for some thing
sweat can rinse out away the tear fluid contained by your eyes. try using a saline solution in your eyes to reverse the process.

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