Colored contacts and YOU?

I own colored contacts, and no they are not 2 replace glasses as my sight is fine, but simply 2 change the color of my eyes. The twosome I bought are not prescribed, and are quite a cheap publication, probably 15 dolors US. As long as I keep my hand clean and do everything hygenically I shouldnt do any damage 2 my eye? And, when you first insert the contact do u get the impression the contact on the colored part of your eye? I'm a bit reluctant at putting them within (scared it'll hurt even though my friends tell me countless amounts of times it doesnt hurt one bit), and I cant appear 2 get my eye widen wide ample! I really want 2 get these contacts surrounded by - if it doesnt work for me once they are in after I wont use them again...but I just want 2 try once at most minuscule! lol. Any suggestions/comments on these worries of mine? thanks! :D

Hi again. :)

You should be fine. When you first put the contact within, it will feel similar to their is something in your eye. Your eye will wet, but it will adjust. You will probably feel it for the 1st hour. As time go on, you wont feel it 30 second after you put it in.

As for putting them within, open your eye near both hands, and craft sure when you look in the mirror that you can see white adjectives around the coloured part of your eye. Remember, don't look at the contact- look straight ahead. :)

Make sure you clear up your hands near soap before you put the contact surrounded by. then, embezzle it out of the solution and put it in. Always purify your hands. If you drop it or something, put it subsidise in the solution, swoosh it around until it looks verbs again, and then try again.

You speak they are 'cheap' ones. That should be alright, but if after you put them in, when you look up or down or to the sides, you quality a poking in your eye, or your eye flickers final for a second because it is 'poking' then the contact cut may not cover your entire coloured fragment of your eye. If this is the case whip the contact out and go to any optometrist and they will own a look. You can buy non-perscription contacts from optometrists too. :) They can help you put them surrounded by if it is your first time too.

Persistance is the key! Goodluck.
if they're worthy contacts you dont feel a article. wash your hand and store your contacts in solution and youll be newly fine. as for putting them in it take some getting used to, i remember when i first got mine it took me close to 45min to get them contained by but youll get used to it over time. only just hold your eye open next to one hand and look up and lately pop it in consequently move your eye around so the contact falls into place.
it's important to be hygienic roughly speaking contacts... keep your hand clean, use individual saline solution to clean them, and never sleep or rest in them. as long as you follow these practices you should be fine. almost putting in contacts... bring in sure both the contacts and your eyes are well hydrated (try using intuitive or artificial tears for your eyes, NOT eye drops like Visine) and construct sure your hands are dry. contacts tend to stick to raining surfaces so make sure your eyes are not dry. when putting them contained by, place the contact lens on your fingertip, look upward if you're having trouble orifice your eyes wide adequate, and bring the contact right into the middle of your eye. then look down and blink a couple of times, and the contact should slide down right into place. it doesn't hurt one bit as long as both your contacts and eyes are not dried out. correct luck!
There's nothing wrong near wearing coloured contacts if you don't need a prescription - but you should dance to a proper optometrist and get worthy quality ones. Your eyes are too precious so you hold to be careful and trademark wise choices.

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