Can I wear colored contacts with darkish brown eyes?

I want to wear green contacts but i am worried they won't work because of my brown eyes.

They do make cloudy colored contacts for dark eyes that work pretty all right (like Acuvue Opaques), but I've tried them and they tend to look pretty unnatural.
I wouldnt go beside green as it wont overshadow the brown. were a more brighter color and your eyes will stand out. I enjoy dark brown eyes and i wear lite blue contacts and it make my eyes pop. hope this helped and own a good sunshine. k
of course at hand are contact lenses for dark eyes you could try fresh look brand but spawn sure that it works with your fleece and skin color like for example...

fair-tan skin color near black hair you sould turn for blue,or hazel for brown hair jump for green or hazel red hair green or blue and blonde blue

tan-dark skin color near black hazel or grey,brown hair green or hazel red down green
You would have to procure what is called an solid colored lens for dark eyes. The other lenses that night light colored eye people wear will hold no color change contained by appearance.
I have dusk brown eyes and I did try on some of the Opaque contacts on at the eye dr.s . I thought they all looked goofy and unnatural. I wasn't interested after that.

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