Can you wear contact lenses everyday?

I own Kaiser permanente insurance and I know that Kaiser permanente charges a lot for contacts, but I also hear that contact lenses can't be worn every day. So, is it ok to capture glasses and contacts or is that a short time ago a false statement that you can't wear contacts everyday?

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That is such a false statement. Of course you can wear contacts every day! Call your optometrist if you enjoy any doubts. :)
yes you can, millions of people do, approaching me.
I wear contacts everyday...I take them out at darkness. Do not leave them contained by overnight. I would get both contacts and specs. Wear the contacts when you go out during the day/night, and put eyeglasses on when you go home. This method is easier on the eyes, and let them breathe.
You definately can wear contacts everyday, but it really doesn't matter, as long as you wear them for solitary up to 12 hours a day. You can skip days or wear them everyday, but you should own a pair of goggles no matter what.
you can definately wear them everyday, i do and i love it i would never be in motion back to eyeglasses ever.
You can wear contacts everyday. I have for nearly 20 years now. I hold glasses as a posterior up. I take them out at hours of darkness. Do some research on the internet. That will help answer other question you may have and please ask your eye doctor. They will serve you feel better something like it all.

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