Best type of contact lens soultion?

I've be using Complete MoisturePlus and I just found out explicitly has voluntarily recall due to causing an infectious disease, Acanthamoeba keratitis. Which contact lens soultion would you recommend? Thanks contained by advace!

Opti-Free is hands down the best contained by my opinion.
Optifree Replenish
opti-free or anything but RENU
first, it conspicuously depends on your lens type, for me my hard contact own always worked better beside the 2 bottled solution of Boston Bausch & Lomb, the one with the cleaner and conditioning solution, yes they are sold separately :(

for my soft contact, anything works :) right very soon I use the cheap Walgreens brand solution lol... and I don't have a problem beside it, as long as I don't wear it for too many hours surrounded by a row

hydrogen peroxide reacts near a piece of metal to bubble up and clean your contacts. no preservatives no nil. pure and simple. and it works even for my super-sensitive eyes, meaning i uncommonly get irritation and bumps beneath my eyelids anymore.

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