A coworker says fly farts burn his eyes Do flys own gas if so does it burn eyes?

HA HA HAAAAAAA!! Thanks for a great hoot! ;)
everything farts.
well i dont...
did you know the work gullible is not contained by the dictionary
He's probably referring to the acid surrounded by his sweat that burn's the eye's. I think he's humouring you.
gosh, he's lucky he isn't blind by in a minute. maybe he should try to carry disability & workers comp. --- surely he should take a few sick days.
Your co-worker is messing near you.

Yes, flies (as all living beings) fart.

No, fly farts do not effect human eyes.
That's the funniest entry I've seen adjectives day.
Look up ''gullible'' surrounded by the dictionary.
Your friend is pulling your leg. I am not sure if flies fart or not, but even if they do you would never know it.
No, not a lowly little fly. You won't even notice.

Get close to an elephant or horse that rips one loose, though, and burning eyes will be the tiniest of your concerns.
If a fly farts and there is not a soul there to hear it, does it spawn a sound?

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