3 questions?

#1 I'm -1.50 in both eyes beside 0.50 cylindrical, if I take the driving exam, will I able to leave behind without using my eyeglasses?

#2 Which one is worse :
(a) Have a 1.00 cylindrical in the right eye and -1.00 and 0.75 cylindrical surrounded by the left eye
(b) My prescription? (LEFT : -1.50 and 0.50 cylindrical; RIGHT -1.50)

#3 I hear if you wear another people prescription, you can gain their prescription. If you do, how long does it take to win them? My friend is fooling around with mine and she said that's not true...

1. I really doubt you would go by without correction. I not quite squeaked by for my driving test and I own a lesser prescription. Even if you did overhaul the eye test lacking correction I would still recommend you wear them for driving.
2. your second question isn't clear.. you hold -1.50 in both eyes I am assuming from the first statement and the cylinder is -1.00 surrounded by the right and -0.50 in the not here.. it is unclear because you mention two different numbers for equal eye. Technically which ever eye has the sophisticated cylinder number has worse reverie. so if your right eye has a cylinder of -1.00 it would be your right eye near slightly worse vision
3. Wearing specs whether they be your prescription or someone elses will not have any affect on your mirage. while you are wearing them you will notice a difference but correction will not translation your uncorrected vision
#1. perchance. but why be stupid and risk failing?
#2. total power is not that much different, so it's a wash.
#3. That's a moment ago STUPID. why risk your vision that means of access? tell your friend to grasp an eye exam.
#1 Just wear your glasses, what's wrong?

#2 It really is complex to tell, but why does it business?

#3 Yes, after a time, it's true. My dad would always wear his dad's specs as a little kid, and next he needed glasses.

If you own any serious questions, you should confer to your eye doctor, they would be able to answer only just about anything.

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