Am I slightly colorblind?

In low neutral conditions (lets say around 15-25 lumens) I have trouble recounting the difference between blue and green if they are of similar shades (ie both the same brightness; am I aphorism it right?). However, the difference between red and other colors is obvious to me.

I first notice this when I was hooking up component cable behind the TV from the DVD player (it be night and in attendance were two floor lamp in on surrounded by the room; that's what I mean by low light). I unknowingly swapped the green and blue cable before I realize that I couldn't tell the difference between them.

Does this close-fisted I'm slightly colorblind, or is it normal to enjoy trouble discerning between these two colors in almost dark?

it is difficult to differentiate in shady,various colors!
thumbs up for u!!
no color blindness!!
You could be slightly colourblind. Although red/green colour blindness is the most adjectives, it is no the only form. However if it is slight and one and only occurs inlow neutral I doubt it will affect your life. To be really sure you would entail to be checked with colour plates of different shades to see if you can identify mystery baulk hidden within the picture.
You could discuss this with your doctor or optician. You may find some examples at the library.

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