Are you more blind if you have an Rx of -3.00 or -2.00?

-3.00 because it is further negative than -2.00.
That's nearsighted
your more blind if you own an Rx of -3.00
You're actually not blind near a prescription like that. You're in actuality nearsighted and the -3.00 is the stronger of the two. I believe in that dedicated range, you're moderately nearsighted. Unfortunately for me, I'm within the -6.00 range, which is severe.
i dont know grounds my eyes no is 1.75 and 1.50 and then am not competent to c far far away me
Technically speaking, you are not "more blind" beside either. Blind mechanism you can't see. You can see with both of these prescriptions. However, if you want to know which have the worst clarity of vision, that would be the -3.00. The further the prescription is from 0.00, the worst the hallucination. If the prescription is in the positives, resembling +3.00, it is farsighted. If the prescription is in the negative, like -3.00, it is nearsighted.
You're not blind near either. Those numbers echo the strength of the lens in diopters that you involve to see best. If you have 20/20 figment of the imagination with goggles, you're not blind.

Requiring a -3.00 lens means that lacking that strength lens you can focus and see clearly an image located at 1/3 meter from your eye.

A -2.00 mode that without tat strength lens you can see and focus clearly on an point 1/2 meter from the eye.

The more negative the number, the closer an express doubts must be.

And with the proper correction both degree of myopia should be able to see 20/20 at distance.

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