Can you get droopy eyelids from allergies?

i went to the doctor and he give me some eye drops for allergies cause my eyes itch.the daytime before i get the droopy eyelid i kept rubbing my eye all time.ive had the droopy eyelid for 6 it allergies or something else?

Yes, it is possible to hold "droopy" eyelids associated with allergies. Allergic reaction, no matter where on earth they occur within the body, tend to cause erythema (redness), itching, and edema (swelling). The swelling is what may be cause the droopy lids. If you enjoy significant edema of the upper lids associated near your allergic reaction consequently the increased weight of the lid cause by the increase in fluid contained by the lid can cause the lid to droop simply because it is heavier. You might devise about taking oral anithistamines along near the topical drops your doctor prescribed. This gives you a "double whammy" effect. While the drops work topically you will also benefit from the antihistamines that will travel through the blood to the entire lid including deeper tissues. Hope this help.
could be something else.. have it checked in a minute... do not wait
if your allergies are bleak it can be from that if they are not so bad it might be something else.
could be the swelling, i know i do.
Ptosis (pronounced toe' sis), or drooping of the upper eyelid, may take place for several reasons such as: disease, injury, birth malfunction, previous eye surgery and age. In most cases, it is caused by any a weakness of the levator muscle (muscle that raise the lid), or a problem with the impudence that sends messages to the muscle.

Children born with ptosis may require surgical correction of the lid if it covers the pupil. In some cases, it may be associated near a crossed or misaligned eye (strabismus). Left untreated, ptosis may prevent vision from developing properly, resulting surrounded by amblyopia, or lazy eye.

Patients next to ptosis often hold difficult blinking, which may lead to irritation, infection and eyestrain. If a sudden and measurable lid droop is developed, an ophthalmologist should be consulted immediately.

Signs and Symptoms

The cause of ptosis are quite diverse. The symptoms are dependent on the underlying problem and may include:

Drooping lid (may affect one or both eyes)


Difficulty closing the eye completely

Eye fatigue from straining to keep hold of eye(s) open

Children may tilt manager backward within order to heave the lid

Crossed or misaligned eye

Double vision


Ptosis does not usually develop with time, and nearly other requires corrective surgery by an ophthalmologist specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In most cases, surgery is perform to strengthen or tighten the levator muscle and lift the eyelid. If the levator muscle is especially scraggy, the lid and eyebrow may be lifted. Ptosis can usually be perform with local anesthesia except near young children.
If your eyelid suddenly get droopy, it could be the sign of something serious like a stroke. See a doctor in half a shake.

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