A problem with my eyes...?

I don't know what's wrong with my eyes.

When I read, the outlines of other junk mail flash out of the corner of my eyes. It's not the worst thing ever, but it's honestly distracting.

Also, when I've been focused on something for a while (like drawing and sometimes TV), I look at my monitor and words enjoy a shadow behind them- it's similar to a repeat of the word just at the rear the real word.

I hope this isn't too impossible! Just wondering if anyone else experiences this.

By all technique seek professional back.

you can research some eye diseases and disorders at this site.


It seems as if you are describing a tentative onset of double trance. Go to your family Dr and breed an appointment with your ophthalmologist surrounded by case your PCP misses this as a prominent sign that something in your body have gone awry
You definitely inevitability to see an eye doctor. There could be a simple solution to your problem. You just stipulation the opinion of an expert within the field of eyes.
Everyone should receive their eyes checked periodically anyway.

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