Can u lose ur sight or some sight?

if u valet ur.eye i eye a while put a bet on. and now i consistency like my vanished eye is weaker than my right eye. like if my disappeared eye cant see that far i washed out my departed eye with hose from the kitchen..that nasty river that taste similar to if it has bleech..can i shift blind?or lose vision?

Nope, you might enjoy a small eye infection that cna be cleared up with some anibiotics...
my guess is your newly being paranoid. its naturaly for your reverie to gradually transmutation some. it doesnt happen to everyone, but it does occur.
Well I bloody well hope not.
You should never do that.if you do, dont use the thump water next to chlorine in it. they fashion eye wash for that. you may involve to get your eye checked out... I am sure you simply irritated it..thats why its acting weaker.
I would think no, but if this problem persist, you must see a doctor.
its probably just really irritated or infected
How long of a while vertebrae? Don't wash your eyes again. Use eye drops if they are irritated. Why would you clean your eye? Was it dirty? How old are you? You are not going to move about blind. That only happen when you jerk bad to much. Now go to an eye Dr for an exam.
No, stagnant sea will not blind you.
heard when you getting elder you kinda lose your eye sight or fantasy for some reason. it's nought major.. it's transient. in your travel case I'm sure it's just the dirty wet you in counted next to. try to use cold water subsequent time it's helps. hope you return with well.
don't know your age, history, condition, and insurance coverage, but if you're really worried, may wanna rota an eye exam sometime.

There was an episode of Without A Trace, "In The Dark" where on earth a girl went blind from some disease, their parents thought it be just trance getting worse and got her contacts. It turned out to be more serious.
Even if the dampen is nasty, other folks have "bad water" hit our eyes previously. I hear some crazies actually begin their eyes underwater in pool hose down (tho i think they know how to constraint the chlorine to safe levels). Poeple enjoy washed their eyese next to water faar smaller number than absolute pure. I believe you should be fine

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