Can w.anking really make you progress blind cos my left eyes gone a bit blurry?

Grow up & get a life span
Just do it until you need eyeglasses.
Haha yes and if you don't cut it out your hand will trip up off too and if your not extremely, very diligent something else might drop of too lol
could you please type in capital,,,,
Only if you aim for your eye...
lmao, I hope not!
Play safe and hang on to one eye closed...I do .lol
NO. whoever told you that is messing in the region of with you. Masturbating is completely safe unless you do weird things next to your weiner but the majority don't. ASK any optician they will say your bein ridiculous.
If you quality your vision surrounded by your left eye is constantly blurry travel see your optician to clarify the what the matter.

That's why i hold a braille keyboard.
i started beside a blurry eye. I now hold to use a specially adapted computer... a screen that does braillie.
your solitary half passageway there man ,once the right and gone eyes are blurry and youve blisters on the palm of your hand consequently you can start worrying sorry if speling no good get blury eyes and blistered hans thru playing with my ting tong
Put your spare mitt over it and see if the other one follows suit.
Well i dont think so or every guy that you will join is blind! lol, ohh yea and when you go to the optitians remember to explain to them why you think that ur phantasm has be affected lately!
i keep trying but i dont even hold to wear glasses even so
Yes - my Religious Education teacher contained by school said that this will evolve.
you shoulnt try to aim so high
not necessarily, you've get to practice aiming straight.
Do what I do - get someone else to do it for you. Let THEM jump blind...
Not unless you keep shooting within your eyes.
I don't think so. I own heard it is freshly a myth to stop people masturbating. Don't verbs, but please go to the optician as you may inevitability glasses. x
No its safe and everybody does it.

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