Can you drive if you're blind in one eye?

It depends upon the law where on earth you live and what you want to drive, driving requirements are quite mutable from country to country and state to state. You will have to check your beside your local licensing department; since you didn't influence where you live, those who answered "yes" could not possibly know which directive applied.

In most places, one eye is all you necessitate to drive your personal car, but you involve some degree of nightmare in both eyes to drive black cab, truck or bus.
According to the people above me you can, but I would muse that your depth perception would be off and you shouldn't be driving for you sanctuary and the safety of the other culture on the road.
Gordon Brown does...

and he's running the country, partially blind.
Yes (as far as I know), but you do need to inform the DVLA
Yes because the other eye take over the vision of the other
Yes but you can solitary drive half a motor. No seriously you have to affirm it when you apply for your driving license and the DVLA have to check the situation next to the medics that are/ have be treating you. But if you can see a number plate from 20.5 metres (or whatever it is) consequently there's no reason for you not to hold a driving license. As one of the other answerers have said this will cart forever. You may also have to be "incident free" from it for a year, (ie its cause no accidents of other kinds). I know that this is the covering with epilepsy and lead injuries.

Don't be tempted to fiction or tell partly truths on a driving license application form because they will come back to lair you and you will be hit harder for it.

Its also perhaps worth note that if cant see the number plate from this distance (and therefore inept to obtain a driving license) consequently you are entitled to either a free or reduced rate bus overhaul under disability scheme.
Yes, so long as you are capable of seeing in the region of 20/40 or 20/50 in the other eye when you are wearing your vision correction (glasses or contact). The numbers (20/40 and 20/50) vary by state. If you enjoy 20/70 in the perfect eye, even with correction, you might know how to drive during the day time.

So the short answer is, yes.
Yes, provided the other one is OK unsurprisingly.
Want is can

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