Am i going blind?

what are some ssure signs of going blind? i'm 16, and i used to wear contacts, and it said the power on them be -6.25. i'm wearing glasses in a minute. when i'm not wearing anything, i can barely see long-gone five inches of my face. everything from in attendance just become blurrier, and blurrier. i'd rather die than be blind... i'm really worried. i used to sit really close to the tv when i be a kid. what do you think are the probability of me becoming blind? laser eye surgery can solve this, yea? what are some suggestions that i can do to hepl improve myself... gratefulness

You are not going blind. Your prescription is relatively strong, and my be changing - BUT the solely thing wrong beside you is that you have a 'refractive error' - things that you see are not properly within focus, much like a camera man out of focus. With proper glasses, your sight is 20/20. No matter what your prescription is, even if it change, the right glasses will win you to 20/20. If you get valid eye disease, like macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, or an infection, next it's possible that even with the best goggles, your vision will be worse than 20/20. But be in good spirits: your vision is surefire!

Look at it this way: even if your prescription change, you'll need eyeglasses. Even if it gets better, you'll entail glasses. The merely thing that's going to convert is the strength of the lenses. If you want to get rid of goggles, the only definite way is to laser mirage correction. A reputable ophthalmologist probably will wait till you are 18 or 20 and own had a stable prescription for a few years. BTW I've have it done, it's awesome, and my eyes were worse than yours. Wait a couple years, salvage a couple thousand dollars, and you'll be fine.

You aren't going blind.
It's impossible to say whether you're going blind minus actually examining you, but if your nearsightedness is the merely symptom you have, likelihood are you're just nearsighted. I own about like peas in a pod vision you do..and I'm LOTS elder.

If you do a lot of reading, you might want to ask your doctor for a special two of a kind of reading glasses. (They will be a weaker edition of your distance glasses.) If you do deeply of reading with your current prescription, it can put together your distance prescription change faster than it might otherwise.
You are not going to turn blind this way (there are prescriptions that can correct even 25.00 diopters of nearsightedness--your -6.25 indicates that you are severely nearsighted, but luckily you can still be corrected). Since you are one and only 16, however, your eyesight is going to get worse and worse until it level off eventually when you are within your early-to-mid-20s.

You cannot improve your eyesight, so you are a short time ago going to have to concordat with it. You may be capable of do LASIK later, but your eyes requirement to level bad before you do it (so you will probably be surrounded by your 20s by then).
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