Can u tell if someone have contacts in within eyes??

if u step near them??

yes, truly you can. my friend wears them and if you walk near her, u can describe... but if you're thinking whether to use them or not.. you should totally, u will not be able to make out it as much as if you have specs on..
If they are not in correctly next yes, probably.
yea a blue ring around there pupils
yeah. i can see them
look at their eyes from the side and you can in actual fact see it quite efficiently
Yes, you can see a really faint ring around the pupil of the eye.
Yes, especially from the side vision.. you can clearly see the ring around the pupil.
I wear contacts and if you look directly into my eyes you can see a blue ring around the white part of my eyes.. But unless you're looking for it, you wouldn't spy.
nothing will come to pass i have contacts and every body comes in the neighbourhood me mine are hazel brown
you can see a clear circle just around the iris. some are bigger and harder to detect.
Yup. Around their iris is tinted blue, so their white is blue.
I can relate, but thats part of my brief.

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