Can you have lasik surgery on one eye at a time?

I'm not a doctor, but I don't see why not. But it's such a quick, simple procedure, you might as very well have it done adjectives at once.

That said, do your research and get the right doctor! I have surgery 7 years ago by the same doctor who did Tiger Woods. It's worth the extra money to return with a doctor with the skill and experience. Best entry I ever did. At the time, Dr. Whitten had already done more than 25,000 laser surgeries. Plus, much of his practice is re-doing surgeries that other doctors enjoy screwed up.

On the other hand, a well brought-up friend of mine went to a doctor who have only done three surgeries. It took several years and several follow up surgeries to take it right. It's your eyes! Get it done right!

Make sure you go to a surgeon who have done AT LEAST 6,000 surgeries. (I would be more comfortable with at least possible 10,000). Ask them their complication rate. (Even the best have complications). If the doctor won't report you, run, don't walk out of the department.

Good luck. Do it right. Don't take likelihood with your eyes.
I own absolutely no financial interest contained by laser surgery, or Dr. Whitten, or anything. I just abhorrence to see people mess up something so critical. Do your research. Ask questions. Get the best you can find.

Good luck.
yes, but why?
sure, but that's resembling putting new tires on one side of a coup¨¦.
yeah that's what I would do ,just to be not detrimental! because you can not 'buy' a new eye!
Yes, but you'd probably incur smaller number expense in total if you did them both at duplicate time (assuming you need the surgery contained by both eyes)
Yes. My grandmother has done so past.
I have several friends who have this procedure done and they had both eyes done at impossible to tell apart time so u might want to consult ur Dr. to see what he advises. Good Luck :)
I don't reflect on they operate on both eyes at the same time anyway. I sure wouldn't have both my eyes contained by recovery at once. I could be wrong more or less lasik though, as I don't have any skill of the procedure.

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