Are colored contact lenses damaging for the eyes?any medical prove?

I have hear using colored contact lenses damages the iris of the eye and later it may result surrounded by birth of blind children. Plz someone tell me the sincerity supported by some good prove

No. contact lenses that are approved by the FDA, fit by a qualified professional and worn/cared for as recommended by your eye doctor will not end in any harm to your eyes. Color contacts contained by that aspect are the same as regular contact lenses.

Decorative color contact lenses that are sold at gas stations, salon and convenience stores are usually unapproved and do not require a fitting by an eye doctor. (These stores are actually breaking the tenet in the US)
Buying contact lenses within this manner is intensely dangerous and can raison d`¨ētre serious harm to your eyes due to unacceptable fit.
All contact lenses are regulated by the FDA as medical devices and it is required to have a valid prescription from an eye doctor to find them.
Wearing contact lenses in common heightens your risk of infection and break, but as long as they are prescribed by an eye doctor and worn/cared for properly the risk is very minimal. Contact lenses hold absolutely no affect on your adjectives unborn children... I assure you... :)
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I don't know, good ?. I read surrounded by a magazine once that some sports teams wear red contact lenses for intimidation.
I hold no hard proof for you- but color contacts shouldn't harmed the iris, nor any other part of the eye. As long as you hold it prescribed- so that it is custom fitted for your eye- otherwise it can casue damage within some cases.

No- even if they did cause impairment or irritation, it would not affect future generation. That would take genetic mutations. Just stay away from the radioactive contacts and adjectives should be well.
If fitted by a professional, colored contacts are not at adjectives damaging to your eyes. I've have contacts since I was 13 (I'm almost 20) and for 4 of the seven years that I've have them I've had colored contacts.I'm simply fine!
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