Can wearing cheap eyeglasses hurt your eyes?

I buy the 99 cent reading eyeglasses,and I'm up to 3.00 power.It's getting to where I can't do anything up close minus them.Am I damaging my eyes?

Damaging surrounded by the sense of cause long-term injure, no.

Causing headaches or fatigue because they are smaller number than ideal, relatively possibly, but with no undying harm done.

If they create you to skip regular eye examinations then *indirectly* they can organize to great harm, potentially delay the diagnosis of glaucoma and other eye conditions that could have be treated.

+3.00 would be normal for a 65-year-old doing pretty fine work
and be too close-focussed for a computer or benchwork with impossible to tell apart person. They'd necessitate about a +1.75 or +2.00 to offer that longer range.
If you're appreciably younger than that, there's a generous chance you own a +ve distance Rx too which would make driving more comfortable, if necessarily sharper.
According to my eye doctor no..Unless you have one eye really more destabilized in verbs than the other they are almost the same.
You could be, I suggest you go and get your eyes checked out by an eye doctor, just to be locked.
Don't know if my opinion is worth anything or not, but I would articulate the glasses are definitely not helping your eyes. See an ophthalmologist or optometrist for an examination.

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