Can we show colour blind people what they're missing?

I'm talking nearly Red/Green colour blindness from birth. Are there any eyeglasses or contact lenses they can try to enable them to see they colours the rest of us see? I saw pictures contained by a book giving examples what they see...and they really miss out.

i,m colour blind that would be so cool.
probably trip me right out though.
i think that i would saunter round saying "wow look at the colour of that"
those would probably think i,m on LSD or something.
here was chitchat of development of somethng close to this but as far as i know nothing on souk at moment, my son is colour blind and he says abundantly of colours look the same. he think that man united shirts are same colour as the pitch.
I once remember a commentator on TV describing the positions of the ball on a snooker table:

"For those of you watching in 'black & white', the green is at the back the pink"!

Now ask the question again!
This depends on the type of colorblindness. Some enjoy genes missing, others merely have genes that dispense them slightly altered vision. If it's a missing gene, afterwards they're just out of luck - at hand aren't enough neural pathway to pass the information through. If they purely have anomalous hallucination then it is possible to adjust the color spectrum of something approaching a web page so they see what a regular person would see.

Unfortunately, there's no standard method to do this because anomolous vision vary significantly. You'd have to calculate how far the person's light sensitivity is rotten, and then adjust the entire spectrum as expected.

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