Bubble on my eye... What could it be?

The bygone 2 days my right eye has be bloodshot. I still do my normal undertakings, like wear my contacts just when im suppose to. Well i woke up this morning and the red is practically gone but now i hold a little bubble on the white part of the pack of my eye. It hurts when my eyelid closes over it. I tried putting my contact in and it hurt. Well i layed down for a bit, and i reflect the bubble popped, but its not as big. Any idea what it could be or what to do?? Its not my contacts, they are alien and ive been wearing for over 10 years. Thanks!

ive have this before. i be tired and my eyes were blooshoot. and consequently i realised i had a small bubble within the corner of my eye, i was so upset !

but my mum rang the optician and she said its a show on your eye(i forget the proper name) and it sometimes bubbles and the best thing to do is will it and it should go down.

book an appiotment for the morning purely to get it checked, but you will probably find its gone when you wake up up.

and DONT try and put your contacts in, basically wear your old eyeglasses.

i wear contacts to so i think it may be something to do next to it
go to doctor you fool
Go to the Dr. Now. Run.
Go to the emergency room if you can't attain an appt. today- it's your eye!
Go to your optician quick girl!This is not middle-of-the-road,better to check it out,you can't gamble near your eyesight.
First of all, not to verbs.

It sounds like you get a benign condition called "scleritis." I've have multiple cases of this in my practice. This is commonly found in empire who wear contacts on a regular basis. Usually it occur as a result of a mild abrasion to the white of the eye, typically from inadvertent rubbing. Could of even been done within your sleep.

Because your eye had be "bloodshot," but now better, make me think that it be certainly anyone irritated by SOMETHING. Sometimes, this can be from dirt or debris that get under the lid --> next you rub --> then you attain a painful "bubble" on the white piece.

If your vision is okay, and not distinctly worse for some defence, then I guess you'll be fine. If you're wearing disposable contacts, then you might want to amend them out, as well as your solution. If you're still worried, later go see your eye doctor. It's the individual eyes you'll ever have.

Best of luck.
i also wear contax and it really hurts much more that what i wear is the gaspermeable and not the soft ones. i estimate the bubble you are talking in the order of is that your eyes' performance is getting weaker. i plan, there is no nouns in the reading of your eyes. i felt that when i be still wearing the soft contax and after few years, i discovered that the grade of my eyes increased for more than 500. that is to say why i was forced to wear the strong contax or the gaspermeable contax. it really hurts especially when you blink your eyes.
You do not know if the contacts are an issue or not unless you see the doctor. You can wear them for 25 years and still have an issue pop up. Go to the doctor and find out. this might be something simple but it also might be something unpromising.
You might want to get that checked out, and noticeably stop wearing your contacts for right now. It could be an infection, an swelling, or anything else. In my experience its best not to mess around with your eyes. I'd fairly spend the $30 to have my eyes checked than loose an eye.
"scleritis" is *NOT* a benign condition:



sdg-FNP probably designed to say "EPI-scleritis", which is totally different. not trying to be picky here but there's a big, big difference within those 2 diagnoses.
Call your optomitrist right now. They will treat it as an emergency call round. Keep your contacts out and put those glasses on. Stop over wearing your contacts also! You should simply wear them about ten hours a daylight. Not 14-16hours like abundantly of people do. You'll be fine once you see your doc and he/she will probably stipulation to treat you with some eye drops.

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