About Eye Contacts...?

So I own an eye examination this friday and i'm thinking roughly speaking getting contacts for the first time. cause wearing eyeglasses just irritates me. My question:

1. Should I let them know that I want contacts not eyeglasses before the eye nouns? cause I hear that examinations for contacts are different from glasses.

2. Will I be capable of get the contacts on indistinguishable day? I inevitability them before Sept.4 (when academy starts)

3. Has anyone gotten their contacts at the Wal-Mart Vision center. and how long did it take to catch them there?

I made the transition to contacts in the region of 10 years ago for the very same apology!

1) Yes the exams are slightly different and most doctors will recommend you keep a two of a kind of glasses handy while you transition. So unambiguously tell your doctor no after that than the beginning of the exam that you want to transition to contacts. This will also make available him a chance to receive some good recommendation and information to you.

2) Whether you can get them indistinguishable day depends on where on earth you go and what prescription you necessitate. Many places stock the most in constraint sizes and prescriptions so there's definitely a adjectives. Also, many places will administer you a trial pair to pinch home for like a week formerly they finalize your prescription so you can try them out and see how they feel and if you hold any problems.

3) I used Wal-Mart for 9 years with great results. They sometimes have to order my prescription, though they preserve a bunch in stock. Even when they needed to establish, it took about a week. I just stopped using them b/c my doctor left and started his own practice.

Just for a moment advice - listen supportively to your doctor about how to properly attention for your contacts and eyes and don't take shortcuts. Shortcuts can result contained by eye infection, which can even result in perception loss. Tell your doctor any concerns you have - even if you're not sure its a tangible concern. Better to talk it out near someone who knows than rob a chance.

Other than that - I significantly recommend contacts - I wouldn't go vertebrae to glasses for anything!

Good luck and soak up your new look!
1. yes you should permit them know you want contacts, they are two different exams...

2. depending on your prescription you will be able to catch a trial pair that you can wear until your contacts come surrounded by...

3. i always shift to wal mart and they usually take singular about a week to acquire them
Love contacts - I've worn them for 26 years.

My eye doctor does both exams at the same time, which might be the shield with yours, but they SHOULD ask you roughly your interest in contacts. And lately because you get contacts doesn't anticipate you can stop wearing glasses, inopportunely. But, I only put mine on up to that time I go to bed.

Depending on your RX, you should know how to get them alike day, but if your hallucination is bad approaching mine, you have to writ them, but they don't take that long to come within (less than a week). I haven't used Wal-Mart, but I use Sam's Club, so I wouldn't think in that would be much difference.

Good luck!
Let them know that you want contacts ahead of time, because the exam will differ slightly (it did for me).
I don't think that you won't know how to get the contacts on like day. I'm sure it really depends on how unpromising your eyes are, (like mine, I have astigmatism so my contacts are different) as to how soon you will procure them. The prescription is usually called within to a different company and then are shipped to the department where you get your contacts.
I have not tried WalMart, I find mine done at Sears Optical.

You may also look into getting a backup pair of eyeglasses contained by case nearby are some days that you can't wear your contacts. It's always a dutiful idea~ good luck!
1. Yes-you'll probably want/need to hold a pair of eyeglasses too though for emergencies (like eye problems) and for when you bear them out at night.
2. They will afford you a pair to wear and also grant you a prescription. . you can choose to order doesn`t matter what brand/type contacts you need through them or you can buy them elsewhere. I own done both. .The past few years I've be ordering through 1800contacts.com. They are cheaper than my eye doctor's prices AND they come straight to my house contained by a few days so its much quicker & convenient.. Walmarts price should be pretty good though too.
3. Not sure roughly Walmart but I think most places ask that you come fund in a week to pick them up.
I work for VSP (Vision Service Plan). We are a perception insurance company. An eyeglass exam and a contact lens exam are two different things.

A contact lens exam consists of two different things.

1) A regular exam.
2) A contact lens evaluation and fitting.

You should be able to find at least a trial twosome of contacts the same sunshine as your exam. That trial pair is usually suitable for 2 weeks and your other contacts should be in by consequently.
1. yes, since different examination methods are needed

2. probably not, likelihood are that they won't have your prescription and most places will label you put them in, transport them out, and put them back contained by again before they'll consent to you leave beside them. this usually takes deeply of practice. i needed 3 follow-up visits up to that time they let me give somebody a lift them home.

3. never been to walmart perception center.

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