Accidently slept within contacts?

Ok so last darkness I accidently slept with my contacts surrounded by. When I woke up I couldn't even tell by the mode my eyes felt I simply could see the clock without squinting. My eyes feel absolutely fine so I in recent times left them within and I am still wearing them now. Even immediately I can't feel them at adjectives. I have Frequency 55 aspheric contacts and my perscription is -1.75 within each eye next to -.25 astigmatism if that matters. I didn't do any hurt to my eyes did I? Is there anything I can do to produce sure they are ok. This is the first time I have slept surrounded by them. I don't have eyeglasses so I can't wear those. If there is anything I should do please permit me know! Thanks so much!

Answers:    I am sure your eyes are fine. If you had trouble pipe them this morning, I would be concerned. Or if they felt scratchy, I would be concerned. But if they don't bother you, I am sure here is nothing wrong. The biggest issue next to leaving them contained by overnight, is dryness, and that is what typically damages the eye. When the contact starts to dry, you enjoy a good break of scratching your cornea. However, if I be you, I would take them out and impart your eyes a break. Not to mention, soaking them in solution will lend a hand plump them up again and make them soft and pliable. In the adjectives, however, you might want to consider getting the sleep in charitable. I've had them for years already and I really love them. You never pocket them out. And in a week, you a short time ago toss them and pop in a fresh couple.

For the record, contacts do not 'dissolve' contained by your eye. They might move around and get sour course a little, but they don't dissolve.
I work for an optometrist, and while it's not a huge business deal to sleep in your contacts, if you do it regularly, in attendance are problems that can happen. You could develop an eye infection, they could dry out on your eyes (if they do, DO NOT whip them out yourself, go see your optometris), you could rip them taking them out, etc. You could see your optometrist and ask to be switched to night and daylight contacts, so that you can sleep in them.
If your eyes aren't adjectives red and sore, there is no problem.

But you get off lucky. The Frequency 55 is not a lens made to sleep beside.

Because you got away beside it once doesn't mean you should try it again.

What would you own done if your eyes were so irritated you couldn't wear them today?

It isn't smart at adjectives not to have goggles to wear to be able to agree to your eyes get a break from the contacts . That mode you are already overwearing your contacts , and you will end up near problems down the road...maybe sooner, I don`t know later...but overwearing other leads to problems.
your fine, don't verbs. If you did that every night, that would be a problem. I've forgotten to do that pretty a few times, but don't worry your okay. You might want to wear your specs for a day though to pass your eyes a break.

my husband never takes his out.

frustrates me.

you are ok departure them in for one hours of darkness.

i wouldn't recommend anything past that

your eyes necessitate to breath.

constantly wearing them overnight can cause more harm to your eye.
your fine just don't gross a habit of it for you may be more prone to inflammation and they finishing 1/2 as long. not to mention possible corneal ulsers. every now and later is no big deal though you are fine
One hours of darkness isnt the end of the world. Dont do it again and remove your contacts ASAP. Give your eyes a break. Also, I reccomend seeing your eye doctor to bring glasses as they are a fitting fallback
Dont do that- your could get a mean eye infection! You're probably ok if your eyes were not too red- anyone that the contact cut the oxygen feed to your eyes (why you dont sleep surrounded by them)
Use eye drop in the enxt morning in the past removing the lenses. Stop wearing lenses for the next time.
first, make sure they didn't disolve into your eyes. subsequent, if you're really worried, go to the eye doctor. JUST MAKE SURE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!
my brother did that once and he messed up his eyes a should go to the eye doctors only in suitcase
weelll, are they made for extended wear?? if not ur screwed kuz i did that by disaster and it ***** my eyes i kant wear contacts at all in a minute! ahhh! i kant wait till LASIK!!

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