Are contact lenses sore?

im getting the daily ones sooon i would like to know if they are sore and any other info u hav bout dem thankss

Answers:    You will probable know how to feel them in your eyes for the first few days to a week, but specifically just because your eyes are not used to them.

But they do not hurt, and if they do it is any because you have it in backwards or that it have something on it, in either overnight case take them out re-wet them with solution and try again.

Be sure that when you take the contacts to ask your Dr about them. Some contacts are the "once daily wear" and afterwards the "daily wear". One you keep and pilfer out every night for 2 weeks to a month, the other you wear once then throw it away.

Be sure if they are the 2 week contacts that you verbs them regularly, maybe ever few days, and change the solution every daytime or every other day. If you do not keep them verbs you can get gunk on them which can give you some sort of eye infection.

And never use river or spit to re-wet your contacts, many people try to, and it lately not good for your eyes.

Well i hope this helps, if you own any other problems let me know.
Not at all as long as you don't wear them for longer than 15 hours and hold them wet. Just don't get some cheap generic brand of contacts(or solution) and you'll be fine :)

Oh and I'm assuming you're getting soft contact lenses and not firm ones(your eyes have to be REALLY bad if they require frozen lenses)

Good luck!

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