Colored Contacts? Fear of other race touching your eye?

About 4 years ago (I was 13) I had a desperate expierence with an eyedoctor. (I distrust doctors in nonspecific anyway.) I asked the doctor what he was going to do & he wasn't really clear. I asked him to not touch my eye since it wasn't needed & I was panicky because he was a new doctor & I didn't touch comfortable with him yet. He agreed that it sounded celebration enough. Then he tried to touch my eye with some odd thingy without any warning! It may nouns weird but I freaked out. I was so upset that he lied to me & I walk out of the exam room. I recently had to budge for a check up (with a new doctor) & I had a complete nouns attack in the exam room & I left earlier meeting with the doctor. My mom think it's stupid, and I do too.

The thing is, I really want colored contacts! I don't mind touching my own eye... it's just, I don't trust other nation near my eyes. It freaks me out! My mom said I can't get contacts unless I acquire a real fitting with a physical doctor. What do I do?

Answers:    Go and get them fitted but dont freak. I freak too. I just surmise about something els and its over and done. And ask about whats going to come up and just think roughly what your going to have at the end some nice colored contacts!

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