"Do not cross your legs" sign at the optometrist?

I went to the eye doctor today with my grandmother, and a small sign that read "Do not cross your legs" caught my attention. This sign was lower than one of two square mirrors on the wall facing my grandmother. I just wanna know what does that mean? Does anybody know or have any hypothesis what this might have meant?
if our optometrist was a man, he requests to see up your skirt.
Inside of the carrying out tests room? It probably just gets in the route and makes the optometrist's job harder.
Probably so you are level and stuff.....when I grasp my haircut they always tell me not to cross my legs because I'm sitting crooked. This is a guess, though.
It means what it says. Do not put one leg over the other. IDK why they put that though.
I imagine it be to prevent revealing more than your eyesight to the doctor or anyone else. If the mirrors face you, at the correct height, it could provide a view your grandmother would a bit keep to herself. Source(s): nurse

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