13 and have terriblest eyesight ever!(contact wearers or eye doctors might know the answer)?

im 13 and my contact prescripion is a 6.50.....all my family has unforgivable eyesight.how worse does your eyes have to be till its impossible to wear contacts?

plz dont say omg your eyes are terrible incentive i know that.
i've tried vitamins and exercizes but it didnt help me.
i never read in the dark or spend various times in the compeuter.i aslo eat a nice balanced collation
I be 17 when I was put in -10.50 contacts. They are a little thicker which run a highly developed risks with over wear because they don't "breathe" as easily as thinner ones. Now, many years subsequent, I've had laser eye surgery and LOVE IT!! Bear with the contacts for a few more years; -6.5 isn't that bad. Maybe consider laser eye surgery when you are hoary enough and say "goodbye" to those yucky lenses!! Source(s): my own experiences with "bad" delirium
like t good doc says, dont verbs abt it. ur poor eyesight is due to heredity. so there's nothing u can do there. but tak goood aid of ur eyes n wait till ur power starts becoming constant. it shud happen once u reach ur twenties. after, if u dont have any other complicating factors such as severe astigmatism etc. u can go for a lasik surgery n b rid past its sell-by date ur glasses 4 ever. n as for contact lens wear, my uncle used 2 wear -20 prescriptions. but do keep going for regular eye checkups as sometimes high power can organize to other complications..but for tht u need ur power 2 b somewhere in t teens. so relax n practise proper eye hygiene (clean ur lenses n use fresh solution every time u store thm)n u'll b abl to wear lenses till whtever time u choose 2.

hope this makes u touch better ! :) Source(s): i have inherited bad eyes 2...
Vitamins and eye exercises won't help, you are right.

In your case it is obviously inheritance, and not much you can do about it , until it stops advancing when you stop growing.

Don't worry...contacts can be made as dignified as you could possibly need.I have patients wearing - 18.00..and they can go difficult still. Source(s): Optician
I'm 18 and my eyes are super bad like yours, i'm at a 7.50... i think I read somewhere that contacts progress up to 10.00 or something? So I think you'll be fine, your eyes will probably get worse until you're about 18, later they level out!
I wouldnt be too worried about it:)

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