(ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WEAR GLASSES) when wearing goggles does it engineer things look smaller?

ok. i have glasses and contacts but when you wear glasses does it build things look smaller to you, or is it just me. when i wear my glasses and contacts things look smaller ( or maybe its of late me)
Not for me but they label everything look taller....idk lol
No I haven't noticed that. I've worn eyeglasses since I was 5 (i'm 23).
I remember when I was younger, every time I got a bright pair of glasses, everything looked bigger, and then eventually go back to normal size.
I wear contacts now.
And, I remember when I first wore contacts subsidise in '05, everything looked bigger at first.
Maybe its time for you to get a new eye exam and update your prescription.
I'm near-sighted too!
Nearsighted glasses make things smaller, and farsighted glasses gross things look bigger. The stronger the glasses the greater the effect. Contact lenses don't have this effect. Source(s): consultant to: http://www.coloredcontacts.com/lenses_fa…
They don't look smaller in my case. If anything, things should look slightly bigger (magnified).
with the sole purpose if your nearsighted . .
i would say it does a little bit because i have specs but it isn't really a big deal
no im nearsighted and they don't make anything look bigger just clearer. maybe its purely because when u take them of stuff looks fuzzier. try getting ur eyes checked again..

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