***Important quiz roughly speaking my contacts***?

Well yesterday i had an appointment for getting fitted for contacts well she gave me these clear ones until the ones she ordered come contained by. She ordered brown colored ones for me and today i noticed that when i was lookin at my clear ones up close they are bigger than the color of my eye like the contact lense is too big. I be just wondering how will that affect the color? like since im getting colored ones will the color show up on the white part of my eye or of late the colored part of my eye?i dont want it lookin all weird.

i dont even know if the ones i enjoy on now are the right size maybe shes just giving me these to resembling test them out putting them in and out so maybe the ones she ordered will be the right size
I dnt know wat ur tlkin bout but hey i tink i might know you, where do you live, i have it in mind what city and state? JUST ASKING CUZ I KNOW AN ASH( short for ashlyn)
Contacts are supposed to be a touch bigger than the iris. I've had them for a couple of years, and it just has to be close to that. I've never had/worn color contacts before, but a lot of people that I know own, and they looked completely natural; I couldn't even tell that they were wearing contacts! Even up close contained by pictures! So don't worry, they won't look fake or anything.
That's the typical size for contact lenses. It is larger than the coloured part of the eye. The colored contacts are like this: the coloured part fit over your iris, and the piece that is passed the iris is clear... So to answer your question, they won't look weird. Just pretend that the ones u own on now are the coloured contacts. That's exactly how it will fit, brown part will show brown, and the clear part stays clear.

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